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8 Hearing Myths Debunked

August 15, 2018

As one of our six senses, the ability to hear is extremely important. Hearing is a key part of how we experience the world around us. Losing it can cause danger, low self-esteem, and immense frustration. It’s tempting to hop on the internet to learn more about hearing loss, but you’re bound to run into some hearing myths that will just confuse you. The best way to get useful and accurate information is to set up an appointment at Danbury Eye in Danbury, CT, but if you’d like to do your own research first, here are some of the most common misconceptions regarding hearing loss.

Myth: Only old people experience hearing loss.

This is one of the biggest hearing myths! In fact, almost half of people who have hearing loss are under the age of 64. While you certainly become more likely to lose hearing ability as you get older, there are plenty of middle-aged people, young adults, and children that have lost their ability to hear in some way.

Myth: Hearing loss is only caused by hearing noises that are too loud.

You can lose hearing from a whole number of factors or combinations of factors. This includes genetics, smoking, diabetes, and even a bad diet. If you know that you will be around loud noises, make sure to wear earplugs to protect your ears!

Myth: Hearing loss only affects volume.

Hearing loss affects the ability to hear low volume, but it can also make sounds seem distorted. If you have hearing loss, even if what you are listening to is loud enough, it could come across garbled and difficult to clarify.

Myth: You can wait to get hearing aids.

While not being able to hear clearly will not physically affect your ears, your brain may “forget” how to hear eventually. It can be relearned once you begin to receive proper stimulation, but it may take some time. You can avoid this problem completely by getting your hearing checked at Danbury Eye on a regular basis, and letting your audiologist know if your hearing seems to be getting worse.  

Myth: All hearing aids are obvious and ugly.

You may be surprised to learn that there’s a wide variety of hearing aids that are available, many that are all but undetectable. These hearing aids sit inside the ear canal, making them impossible to see. If hearing aids that sit in the ear canal are not a good fit, there are other styles that sit behind the ear, making them imperceptible.   

Myth: You will be checked for hearing loss during a routine physical exam.

Unless you specifically ask for it, most doctors will not check your hearing in a medical setting. Part of the reason for this is because hearing loss can be difficult to detect unless you are in the proper environment. If you’re concerned about your hearing, make sure to request that your doctor checks it during your next physical.

Myth: You only need to wear one hearing aid to get the maximum effect.

We’re not sure where this myth originated, but it’s not true! Wearing only one hearing aid will only let you partially hear. You are almost guaranteed to miss something if you’re only wearing one hearing aid instead of two. By wearing two hearing aids, your ears are able to evenly distribute sounds, and properly stimulate your brain.

Myth: Hearing loss is due to damage to the eardrums.

The vast majority of hearing loss occurs because the tiny super sensitive hairs in the inner ear are damaged, lost, or malnourished. To prevent hearing loss, practice smart hearing skills like listening to music at a proper level, using earplugs when you’re around loud noises, and speaking up if you think you’ve experienced hearing loss.
Don’t accept hearing loss, fight back with our help— set up an appointment today with Danbury Eye!

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