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Are Contacts For You?

Contact LensesWhether or not contact lenses are a good choice for you depends on:

  • Individual needs and expectations
  • Patience and motivation during the initial adjustment period to contact lens wear
  • Adhering to contact lens guidelines for wear, disinfecting and cleaning
  • Diagnosis and treatment of conditions that may prevent contact lens wear.

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Types of Contact Lenses

Many types of contact lenses are available. The type of contacts you use depends on your particular situation. Your eye doctor will be able to help choose from the following types of lenses.

PMMA Lenses: Rigid or "hard" contacts were the first lenses; they were developed in the 1960's. They are made of a type of plastic called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), which is very durable, but does not allow oxygen in the air to directly reach the cornea. When the eye blinks, the lens moves, which allows the oxygen dissolved in the tears to reach the cornea. Rigid lenses are the least comfortable type of contacts and are not really used anymore. However, some people still prefer them for their durability and lower cost.

Gas-permeable lenses: These lenses are also known as"RGPs." They are newer rigid or"hard" lenses made of plastics combined with other materials, such as silicone and fluoropolymers, which allow oxygen in the air to pass directly through the lens. For this reason, they are called"gas permeable."

Soft contact lenses: These lenses are made of plastic materials that incorporate water. The water makes them soft and flexible, as well as allowing oxygen to reach the cornea. More than 75% of contact lens wearers in the United States use soft lenses.

Extended wear contact lenses: made of material designed to last 2 – 4 weeks.

Daily disposable lenses: although generally more expensive, carry a lower infection risk.

Toric contact lenses: correct moderate astigmatism. They are available in both rigid and soft materials.

Multifocal contact lenses: correct presbyopia. They are available in both rigid and soft materials.

Monovision contact lenses: help create good near and far vision for presbyopes.

Cosmetic contact lenses: change the color or appearance of your eye.

What is the Cost?

When comparing the price of contact lenses, it's important to consider what services are included. Does the fitting include a thorough eye examination and follow-up? Can you exchange lenses during the initial fitting, and is insurance for lost lenses available? If you need treatment for an eye condition not directly related to the contact lenses, such as inflamed eyelids or dry eyes, there may be additional charges.

Fitting fees are independent of an eye examination and will be charged separately. Fitting fees do not include the price of the contact lenses. Fitting fees include the following:

  • Initial fitting of the lens
  • Teaching session(s) for insertion and removal/teaching sessions are scheduled after the initial fitting of the contact lens with our optical department. This is 1:1 (45 minutes) training with our contact lens training optician.
  • Teaching session for cleaning and care procedures
  • Three months follow-up care for contact lens related problems only (including refitting, allergic or adverse reactions to the lens or solutions and additional sessions for teaching contact care).

Prices vary for the type of fitting needed. Please call our office for further information

Refitting Fees

Refitting fee includes three months follow-up care for the new lens and does not include an eye examination. Contact lens refitting includes moving from one brand or type of contact lens to another type of contact lens. Our refitting fee is $50 less than a new fitting charge.

Contact Lens Prices

THE PRICE OF CONTACT LENSES IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE FITTING FEE. Prices of lenses vary according to manufacturer and lens type. Lenses are available for purchase through the DEPS Optical Department or can be ordered online.

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