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Children’s Eye Health/Safety Month

August 23, 2019

In association with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the doctors and staff of Connecticut Eye Consultants want to remind you and your family of the importance of early diagnosis and treatment in preventing vision loss.

August is Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month, so we’re encouraging everyone, especially children and their parents, to schedule a comprehensive dilated eye evaluation with your primary eye care doctor. By doing so, your eye care doctor will be able to thoroughly evaluate and analyze your visual system for common issues such as injury, infection and increased nearsightedness and other refractive issues.
A good rule of thumb is to have your children’s eyes examined during their well-child visits – starting at age three. By scheduling annual visits, your child’s eye doctor can help detect additional refractive errors such as Amblyopia (lazy eye), Strabismus (cross eyes), Ptosis (drooping of the eyelid) and Color Deficiency (color blindness).
Keeping an eye out for your child’s eye health is crucial. In fact, eye injuries are the leading cause of vision loss in children. With over 42,000 sports-related eye injuries occurring in America every year, it is essential that kids go into sports and other recreational activities armed with the basic rules of safety.
We all know parents are experts at picking up signs that children drop – including those involving their health. Some signs that may indicate a vision problem are
- Wandering or crossed eyes
- A family history of childhood vision problems
- Squinting or turning the head in an unusual manner while watching TV
- Disinterest in reading or viewing distant objects
As the “Back to School” season revs up with school supply shopping and purchasing those back to school outfits, there’s never been a better time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.
At Connecticut Eye Consultants, we are passionate about helping you enjoy a lifetime of the best possible vision through protection, preservation, and restoration of your precious gift of sight. 
If your vision has been of concern lately, please call our office today at (203) 791.2020 to schedule your evaluation or visit your local eye care doctor to protect your vision during Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month!

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